While we are licensed private investigators, we consider ourselves researchers first. We are public records research experts.
Our reports are properly sourced from legally obtained information and may be used with confidence.

Our Clients

DDC’s clients include Fortune 500 companies, private companies, family offices, law firms, hedge funds, private equity funds, venture capital funds, foundations, endowments, and accounting firms.

Our Team

Peter Barakett, formerly the General Counsel and Chief Operating Officer at Atticus Capital LLC, founded DDC – Due Diligence Consulting LLC and DDC Investigations LLC after being repeatedly disappointed with the lack of consistency, low detail, pricing transparency, inadequate sourcing, and failure to meet deadlines by dozens of research, investigation, and consulting firms large and small that he worked with during his law firm and hedge fund career. After teaching legal research, being a database representative, assisting a professor on the publication of a law review article, practicing law, and managing the operations of a major hedge fund, he knew there was a better way.

Peter works with a great team of research and investigative professionals at DDC. Their prior experiences include working as attorneys, accountants, investigators, Federal and State law enforcement agents (FBI, DEA, and others), investigative journalists, investment analysts, and intel.

Our Reach

DDC has a global reach, with clients around the world, and decades of experience in sophisticated, detailed research in both the U.S. and foreign jurisdictions.

DDc – Key Details

  • We are public records research experts
  • We are licensed private investigators
  • We run conflicts checks
  • All data is secured and encrypted
  • We charge hourly, not flat rate
  • Our rates start at $200/hour, with a $1000 min. charge
  • We keep you informed of any issues
  • If we come in under budget, we give money back!

DDC has consistently discovered information that others have missed, including numerous instances of corporate and supply chain fraud, as well as CEOs, investment managers, and public company board members misrepresenting their education or work experience. In addition, DDC has assisted its clients in avoiding Ponzi schemes and other fraudulent schemes.