In today’s dynamic business landscape, accurate information is crucial for making informed decisions and achieving your goals. At DDC – Due Diligence Consulting, our investigative services provide you with actionable insights that empower you to navigate challenges and seize opportunities. Our team of experienced professionals specializes in discreetly uncovering critical information to support your strategic initiatives. Simply put – we solve problems.

Our investigative approach is bespoke and customizable. All of our reports are properly sourced from legally obtained information, and we source to the most primary record possible. DDC further offers worldwide coverage and has conducted research and investigations on behalf of clients in more than 60 countries.

Our Investigation Services Include:

  • Litigation Support

  • Corruption, Bribery, and Fraud Investigations

  • Asset Searches

  • Internal Investigations

  • Expert Witness Resume Verification

  • Witness and Party Locate Services

  • Skip Tracing

Case Study 1

DDC assisted outside counsel in successfully resolving anonymous allegations against a C-level executive of an S&P 20 company—the allegations related to a purported relationship between the executive and an unidentified person that pre-dated the 1980s. DDC conducted deep public records research on the accuser and their inner circle and the executive, including archival research of local newspapers and libraries, criminal and arrest records, and school materials such as obtaining and reviewing school yearbooks. DDC identified discrepancies in the accuser’s claims that assisted outside counsel’s mediation. DDC also determined that the accuser and their family had faced several challenges, including health and financial setbacks, that could have impacted the timing of the allegations.

Case Study 2

The General Counsel of a public company engaged DDC to investigate a dispute with an outside partner. The General Counsel sought leverage in the discussions after learning that the partner may have tipped a journalist about the dispute.

DDC determined that the non-U.S. national partner had owned various properties in a popular U.S. vacation destination dating back decades. In researching these properties, DDC uncovered that the partner had been associated with several completely different U.S. social security numbers, including the numbers of at least two deceased persons. DDC confirmed that these SSNs were tied to the partner through an analysis of bank account header and credit header records, their U.S. and international address history, as well as property and corporate records from the early 2000s featuring their signature.

Our business is built upon the referrals of our satisfied clients.

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