DDC was engaged by a hedge fund to research certain persons and entities as part of a potential investment.  DDC found that one person was arrested and convicted on 4 felony counts of arson for burning of his own residence.  The subject served approx. 7 years in jail.  Notably, major federated databases did not associate these arrests, and convictions, with this businessman, just his traffic related violations.  DDC uncovered his criminal history by reviewing his divorce case file, and found that his wife listed “imprisonment” as grounds for divorce.  DDC then contacted the courts relevant to the time frame and was given partial details.  DDC subsequently contacted the relevant dept. of corrections and was able to gain the missing details.

10 years later, a person DDC believes may be the subject’s brother was arrested and convicted for burning his residence, in the same small town.


Peter Barakett, President

DDC – Due Diligence Consulting LLC

DDC Investigations LLC