DDC and President Peter Barakett positively highlighted in Institutional Investor story on investigators who work for hedge funds

DDC and President Peter Barakett were positively highlighted in an Institutional Investor story on Investigators who Work for Hedge Funds.

“Peter used to work at an activist hedge fund and knows exactly what to look for. It’s often a race to hire him.” READ THE ARTICLE.

“A former lawyer, Barakett has a simple standard. The material ‘has to have been legally obtained and, if necessary, admissible in court.'”


The Ruthless, Secretive, and Sometimes Seedy
World of Hedge Fund Private Investigators




DDC Investigations™ identifies violent gang member connected to job applicant for billionaire’s household staff

A billionaire’s family office recently engaged DDC Investigations™ (“DDC”) to vet a household staff job applicant. The candidate applied to work in one of the billionaire’s residences, and the position would have allowed her to have direct contact with the billionaire, his family and other staff.

While research indicated the applicant had minimal experience, it also indicated she had no criminal record, no civil litigation, no debt and no obvious red flags.

DDC uses a proprietary research method that routinely produces differentiated research results for clients. Research of the candidate’s social media presence indicated she had been in a 4-year relationship with a young man. DDC dug deeper. Research into the boyfriend revealed various photos of him on social media and included evidence that indicated he was involved with a criminal gang that is noted for its extreme violence.

While DDC is the worldwide leader in detailed executive background checks, mergers and acquisitions research, and other investment due diligence, DDC handles each assignment with thoroughness and care, including the background check of household and family office staff.

DDC specializes in detailed research and business investigations and executive background checks on behalf of family offices, hedge funds and private equity firms, law firms and public and private companies worldwide.

DDC Investigations™ is a Florida licensed private investigation agency (License # A1300198) affiliated with Due Diligence Consulting LLC.