Due Diligence Consulting, LLC (DDC) provided research support and due diligence as part of a U.S. public company’s approximately $750 million acquisition of a private company.

Although the cost was much smaller than its typical transaction, DDC’s client felt the private company was a strategic target of opportunity and that time was of the essence in negotiating and closing the deal. DDC worked quickly with the acquirer to set research parameters and delivered its research, including background checks on key executives, in less than 2 weeks and under the client’s budget. DDC’s research enabled its client to quickly close the deal before other parties could possibly raise the cost of the acquisition.

“Our clients rely on DDC to provide them with critical qualitative information when they are making investments or acquisitions, as well as deliver research on executives when they are evaluating the risks associated with any transaction,” said Peter Barakett, President of DDC. “What we uncover may impact the deal as well as which executives are retained and which are let go.”

About Due Diligence Consulting, LLC — DDC’s clients include Fortune 500 companies, private companies, family offices, law firms, hedge funds, private equity funds, venture capital funds, foundations, and accounting firms. Founded by Peter Barakett, formerly General Counsel and COO for Atticus Capital LLC, DDC focuses on executive background checks and investment related research and provides due diligence for mergers and acquisitions, proxy contests, litigation and special situations. DDC has a global reach, with clients around the world and decades of experience in sophisticated, detailed research in the USA as well as in foreign jurisdictions. DDC has consistently discovered information that others have missed, including numerous instances of corporate and supply chain fraud, as well as CEOs, investment managers and public company board members misrepresenting their education or work experience. In addition, DDC has assisted its clients in avoiding Ponzi schemes and other fraudulent schemes. DDC Investigations LLC is a full service private investigation firm (License #A1300198) and an affiliate of Due Diligence Consulting, LLC.

Contact: Peter Barakett, President, (239) 434-8393 Email: info@DueDiligenceConsulting.com