DDC and President Peter Barakett positively highlighted in Institutional Investor story on investigators who work for hedge funds

DDC and President Peter Barakett were positively highlighted in an Institutional Investor story on Investigators who Work for Hedge Funds.

“Peter used to work at an activist hedge fund and knows exactly what to look for. It’s often a race to hire him.” READ THE ARTICLE.

“A former lawyer, Barakett has a simple standard. The material ‘has to have been legally obtained and, if necessary, admissible in court.'”


The Ruthless, Secretive, and Sometimes Seedy
World of Hedge Fund Private Investigators




DDC lights up Times Square

DDC’s news made Times Square. Now others know what sophisticated clients of Due Diligence Consulting, LLC (DDC) already know: DDC is the worldwide leader in detailed executive background checks, mergers and acquisitions research, and other investment due diligence. DDC recently provided research support and due diligence as part of a foreign corporation’s $1.2 billion acquisition by one of the largest conglomerates in the United States. #DDCResults

DDC lights up Times Square on January 11, 2018: News of DDC’s M&A research for $1.2 billion acquisition made Times Square. #DDCResults

Due Diligence Consulting LLC (DDC) provides research support for $1.2 billion acquisition

Naples, FL — Due Diligence Consulting, LLC (DDC) provided research support and due diligence as part of a foreign corporation’s $1.2 billion acquisition by one of the largest conglomerates in the United States.

DDC-Logo-Trademark-Square-300pxThe cross-border transaction was subject to approval by various government agencies, and a final order approving the previously announced plan of arrangement was issued in September. The deal closed in the fourth quarter.

“We were pleased to provide the target corporation and its legal team with research on the acquisition to assist them in preparing for review by various government agencies of this cross-border transaction,” said Peter Barakett, president of Due Diligence Consulting, LLC. “Our goal is to provide deep-dive, detailed research to assist our clients and help them navigate legal and business risks. In this instance, DDC’s research enabled the target and its counsel to proactively address any concerns that may be brought up in government review of this transaction.”

About Due Diligence Consulting, LLC — DDC’s clients include Fortune 500 companies, private companies, family offices, law firms, hedge funds, private equity funds, venture capital funds, foundations, and accounting firms. Founded by Peter Barakett, formerly General Counsel and COO for Atticus Capital LLC, DDC focuses on executive background checks and investment related research and provides due diligence for mergers and acquisitions, proxy contests, litigation and special situations. DDC has a global reach, with clients around the world and decades of experience in sophisticated, detailed research in the USA as well as in foreign jurisdictions. DDC has consistently discovered information that others have missed, including numerous instances of corporate and supply chain fraud, as well as CEOs, investment managers and public company board members misrepresenting their education or work experience. In addition, DDC has assisted its clients in avoiding Ponzi schemes and other fraudulent schemes. DDC Investigations LLC is a full service private investigation firm (License #A1300198) and an affiliate of Due Diligence Consulting, LLC.

Contact: Peter Barakett, President, (239) 434-8393 Email: info@DueDiligenceConsulting.com