A sample week

Last week was an interesting one for DDC where we found:

– 3 CEOs of public companies that lied in their bios, and in their most recent company filings;

– a Director of a public company who lied about his bio;

– a CEO of a public company that has 2 investment firms that are not properly registered with the applicable states, despite one of those companies previously being properly registered;

– a CFO of a hedge fund who claimed to have a CPA but did not;

– a Director of a public company who claimed to have a current CPA license and did not;

– a private school security guard who did not disclose that he was terminated from his previous school position, and where he was found to be a “danger to children”, despite the current school’s completing a background check that included finger printing;

– a security supervisor for a wealthy family who had falsified almost 90% of his security related credentials, including references;

– a debtor who had been evading service of process for over two years by using different names and addresses in multiple states which he had no previous connection with;

– a fraudulent auto financing scheme;

amongst other assignments for our valued clients.

Peter Barakett, President

DDC – Due Diligence Consulting LLC