We offer research and consulting in a variety of areas, a few of which are highlighted below:


– researched a foreign client’s historical criminal record and assisted counsel in trying to obtain a waiver for client to attend a family function in the USA

– researched the criteria for a Canadian citizen to obtain a US green card by virtue of native american ancestry.  Then researched our client’s genealogy showing the requisite level of native american heritage in support of a green card application

– assisted several executives in obtaining an O visa (for persons who demonstrate extraordinary ability in their field)


– researched medical studies relating to various medical devices, identifying those for/against and inconclusive, and identifying conflicts of interest and/or flaws in methodology

– researched and advised foreign based manufacturers on FDA rules and regs for products proposed to be imported to the USA


– researched studies on various education issues, including but not limited to, effects of class size on learning and testing methods


– evaluated the security level of a web blog hosting site

– evaluated the security of an email host service

– researched, tested and evaluated the methods and processes employed by a consumer review web site


– assisted various hedge funds in a review of their operations including but not limited to, HR / recruiting, IR / marketing, operational documents, and structure / re-structuring

– researched and performed due diligence on hundreds of investment funds around the world, ranging in size from $1m to over $25b in assets under management

Peter Barakett, President

DDC – Due Diligence Consulting LLC