What is Due Diligence Consulting?

  • Due Diligence Consulting is the leading provider of executive background checks to public companies, large private companies, and investment groups such family offices, foundations, hedge funds, private equity funds, and venture capital funds. Due Diligence Consulting delivers executive background checks and investment related research at a level of detail that exceeds industry standards. Due Diligence Consulting’s executive background checks are relied upon by sophisticated investors and executives because they consistently provide information that is missed by recruiters and other private investigators who employ simplistic research techniques and rely on a single federated database and a google search. Our investment research reports are used as a supplement to our clients’ internal research team process.


What do you mean when you say that Due Diligence Consulting treats people and clients with respect?

We hold ourselves to a higher standard and operate at a different level than our competitors. Due Diligence Consulting believes in treating its clients with respect by doing the following:

  • We check for conflicts;
  • We accurately charge by the hour;
  • We do not make up prices based on how much you can pay, or what we think something discovered is worth to you;
  • We do not resell research we do for any client;
  • We do not publish research done on a client’s behalf;
  • We are licensed and insured;
  • We secure all information;
  • Our staff are subject to initial and ongoing background checks for compliance purposes;


We have contracts in place with all staff that among other things strictly ensures the confidentiality of our clients’ identity and research done on their behalf. We believe that anything less than this is disrespectful to you.


What do you do? What areas do you cover?

  • We are experts in conducting executive background checks for sophisticated investors and executives at leading companies who value getting all the information that is available on a person or entity rather than just the basics or partial information. The research and investigatory skills employed to do our detailed executive background checks are also required to conduct superior investment related research on persons or entities related to a current or prospective investment, whether its long, short, activist or part of an evaluation.
  • We do not do criminal investigations, bodyguard or site security guard work.
  • We work with trusted partners for select clients on cyber security and surveillance if and when an assignment requires such expertise. We have a global reach, with clients around the world and decades of sophisticated, detailed research in foreign jurisdictions.


Why is Due Diligence Consulting’s research so consistently different from other firms’ research on the same subject?

  • Due Diligence Consulting does not merely rely on a federated database and a google search. We recently were provided with a 50 page report done by a large investigative firm that appeared to only contain information derived from a media database, and the report contained several misleading or inaccurate data points. We view such reports as investigative malpractice. Our research found numerous material items by researching better and further. Our process is essentially this: we research a person or entity everywhere they have a contact or connection, under every name variation, to the most original source level possible. Researching this way generates additional data points / information, and eliminates various types of database errors as well as data entry errors.


What are the backgrounds of your staff?

  • Our staff consists of honest, hardworking and tenacious professionals with prior experience as lawyers, journalists, university professors and law enforcement officers.
  • Our staff are thoroughly vetted, monitored, and contracted to standards that exceed those of our competitors and the government in order to protect our clients identity, their data and the research we do on their behalf.