DDC assists public company in $750 million strategic acquisition

Due Diligence Consulting, LLC (DDC) provided research support and due diligence as part of a U.S. public company’s approximately $750 million acquisition of a private company. DDC worked quickly with the acquirer to set research parameters and delivered its research, including background checks on key executives, in less than 2 weeks and under the client’s budget. DDC’s research enabled its client to quickly close the deal before other parties could possibly raise the cost of acquisition.

2018-05-11T19:04:40-05:00May 11, 2018|

The Harvard Lie

It’s only March and already DDC has discovered a public company CEO who has lied about having a Harvard degree. Every year for the past 10 years running, DDC has discovered at least one Harvard bluff during the course of a detailed executive background check.

2018-03-13T16:24:41-05:00March 13, 2018|

DDC identifies more than $50 million in assets missed by PIs and forensic accountants

Using advanced data analysis techniques, DDC obtained large-scale data sets and created a proprietary in-house database to utilize in its asset search for the client. Using advanced mapping and proprietary techniques, DDC was able to identify more than $50 million in assets missed by other professionals and identify more than a dozen potential joint ventures and related entities for additional research.

2018-02-14T15:53:06-06:00February 14, 2018|
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