We consistently generate differentiated results by researching using our proprietary process. DDC’s clients include Fortune 500 companies, family offices, investor groups, hedge funds, law firms, and accounting firms. Consider some of the results DDC has achieved for our clients:

Hedge Funds

  • As part of its research on a potential short position for a hedge fund, DDC discovered an open criminal case for securities fraud and market manipulation abroad, that was not disclosed.
  • Found that a hedge fund manager was convicted of sexual assault outside the USA. Video evidence shows him running down a hotel hallway in his underwear, chasing the victim.
  • Despite a clean background check on a candidate from a large hedge fund recruiter, DDC found a felony conviction 3 yrs ago in state other than where the person currently lives and works.
  • Researched a real estate development firm on behalf of a hedge fund contemplating a large investment and found that the CEO did not have the degree he claimed to have, the CFO was not a CPA as claimed, and the predecessor company did not develop some of the projects claimed.
  • Researched a collections company that claimed to have a proprietary method for yielding over 10x the industry rate, concluding that such returns were fraudulent and that the firm’s founder misrepresented his financial position
  • Researched public company Sino-Forest (TRE.TO), identified several irregularities, and concluded it was likely a fraud more than two years before the company’s shares were suspended by the Ontario Securities Commission
  • Determined that the President of a large US asset manager was arrested twice for major art theft. He has no criminal record, due to the expiration of the statute of limitations.

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Private Equity / Venture Capital

  • Found that a transportation holding company was founded by someone who was incarcerated twice for fraud.
  • On behalf of a client, found two of the key executives of a tech company had materially misrepresented their experience and credentials, and that one had been sued by a prior employer for breach of a confidentiality clause in an employment contract.
  • Found that the CEO of a potential acquisition was accused of sexual misconduct in the workplace several times, with each case settled.
  • Found that the CEO of a private company claimed 2 degrees that he did not receive, including one graduate degree from a disgraced institution that closed over 10 years ago
  • Advised a private equity firm in the evaluation of a transportation company. Our client decided not to make an investment after DDC’s research found several instances of misrepresentation and fraud.
  • A potential investment by a large private equity firm was averted after DDC found that the target company's principal was at one time the operator of several porn spam operations outside the USA.
  • Alerted a private equity firm that the CEO of a contemplated investment was previously incarcerated for fraud under a similar name. This person was recently arrested by the FBI for operating a Ponzi scheme.

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Family Offices / Private Investors

  • Found that a nanny intentionally omitted disclosing two prior employers due to being terminated for neglecting a child.
  • On behalf of the Patriarch of a prominent family, DDC found that a family member was actively involved in the promotion of a fraudulent investment scheme and was using the family name to help raise capital.
  • Uncovered the alternative identity of prospective personal assistant to a billionaire’s spouse that included multiple names, collections, liens, and convictions as part of a pre-employment background check. This client had received an all clear on this candidate’s background check performed by the recruiter.
  • Found that a principal of a hedge fund administration firm was arrested for drug trafficking, had multiple liens and judgments, and had never graduated from college
  • Identified, tracked, and served an individual who had been impersonating a family member of a celebrity for several years
  • Discovered that a wealth advisor at a bulge bracket firm was arrested for multiple counts of fraud and was incarcerated in a state penitentiary
  • Discovered that a "Wealth Manager" to a $750 million Family Office was not registered with FINRA, was not employed by any broker, dealer or wealth management firm, had at one time been sanctioned for selling improper products to elderly persons (when he was registered), had been arrested 4 times for domestic battery and once for filing a false police report, and operated several fraudulent mail order businesses.

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Pension Plans / Foundations / Institutional Investors

  • Identified major financial issues with a Chinese and U.S. based investment management company, and its principals, who allegedly had access to Chinese business debt.
  • Determined that the CEO and founder of a foreign software company had misrepresented every line item of his bio except where he grew up.
  • Assisted a $300 million charitable foundation in developing a formal investment due diligence process.
  • Found a tax lien of approximately $500,000 on a hedge fund manager as part of supplemental due diligence on the investments of a large pension plan. The lien was missed by the third party due diligence platform used by the client, and DDC believes that was because that provider relies solely on one database in its research.
  • Researched a private equity firm in Brazil on behalf of one of the largest US pension plans / foundations and found that one of the partners was being investigated for acts at a prior firm.

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Public / Private Companies

  • In the course of an executive background check on a prospective director to be added to the board of a client, DDC discovered that as a director of several public companies he had misrepresented his degree in his bio on those companies’ websites and filings.
  • On behalf of a company involved in defending itself against an activist hedge fund, DDC found that one of the activist’s nominees did not graduate from university as was represented.
  • Identified a wine investment Ponzi scheme
  • Found that two founders of a software company were named in an open RICO case.
  • Discovered numerous C-level executives at Fortune 500 companies who have misrepresented their education and/or work experience in their bios.

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Law Firms

  • Found over $3 million in assets held or recently held by defendants in a contract case. Defendants offered a $100,000 settlement prior to trial. Based on DDC’s research, Plaintiff rejected the settlement offer, was awarded a $3.75 mm judgement, and collected on that judgement.
  • Identified the woman anonymously harassing (through social media and phone calls to friends) a prominent hedge fund manager’s wife. DDC’s research assisted counsel in obtaining a restraining order, damages, as well as removal of the offending pictures and statements.
  • Identified and found a person who was impersonating the sibling of a prominent billionaire over a period of years. DDC’s research, service of process and other work enabled our client to put a stop to the impersonation and without media coverage.
  • Identified the man anonymously harassing (through phone calls to victim’s spouse, his employees, friends and acquaintances) a prominent hedge fund manager’s wife. DDC’s research assisted counsel in obtaining a restraining order.
  • On behalf of a sovereign wealth fund, tracked down the CFO of a private equity fund who had decided it was better to disappear than to testify regarding fraud and other wrongdoing at his employer.

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